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Caipitest !

 Bem vindo no caipitest ! 


An alle Caipirinha - Fans !

Aos todos os fans de caipirinha !

 To all Caipirinha-Fans !!

Mike wishes
a good and happy New Year
2008 !!
and many delikcious Caipirinhas !
On January, 7th the
New Winning-Game
Caipitest-on-the-road is starting !!

At beginning of Oktober i'd like to thank
nearly 40000 Klicks
since counter-start one year before on the First of Oktober -
thanks to my readers for reading my side !
The Caipitest 2007 in Cologne
was sucessfull !
Mike thanks 30 persons joining it !
most of all to Heloisa Teles,
chief of Company "Ypioca"
(in the fifth Generation)
which is in familar hands since the beginning !

congratulations to the first three winners:


Infos and Rankings click "Ranking Köln07" !
 The Caipitest-contest 2007 is finished !
The winner's nick is "Kaptain"
his real name is
Alessandro Silvestri

He joined me on his "winner-tour"
the first two weeks in Brasil !
see the whole tour at: "Brasilien-Tour07" !
2008 there is a new on-the-road-contest,
where you can win for example a night
at my fantastic "Caipirinha-table" ! 




other events with my mibile bar


please visit my Caipi-Forum !


We look to find persons who like to make there own Caipitest-parties !

For further Informations please send an email to:


All coments and interpretations of the caipitest-events

you can find at the "Ranking" - Button.

Here you see the actual Ranking of Cachacas after the Caipitest in Cologne 2007:

 (click on the picture to open a bigger size of the foto)


pictures of the caipitest-events at "Bilder" - Button in the headline.

please leave a message in my "guestbook" !


final photo of Caipitest Offenbach07:


Caipitest Cologne 2006:

(Montage of 2 Fotos)

Caipitest Cologne at 8. Oktober 2005:

together with Andreas (left in front), DJ "Falo" (right behind)

and Asançao Kippenhan (loja-do-brasil, left behind):

Caipitest Frankfurt/Main 2005:

Caipitests 2004 Cologne and Munich:

(Munich was read bad visited ...)

Thanks for connection work to the website:

"Cocktails and dreams"


enjoy Caipirinha !

your Caipi-Mike


look at my DJ-site:

If you like to know, on which event in Mike's hometown
you can get a lot of "delicious Caipirinhas"
at the 4th weekend of July,
then click at following fotos: 


your Caipi-Mike



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